‘Spice Island’

Zanzibar, also known by the nickname ‘Spice Island’, is known for it’s beautiful blue waters and resorts. Spend a few days here before or after your safari and relax on the beach, or enjoy some of Zanzibar’s many cultural attractions.

Prison Island Tour

Take a private half day trip to nearby Prison Island. You will board your boat on the beaches of Stone Town and take a short 5 km ride through turquoise waters to the white sandy beaches of the island. Prison Island got its name from the first buildings that were built in the 1860s which were used to house rebellious slaves. However, by the 1890s the island was no longer used for this and the buildings were converted into hospital facilities to quarantine individuals with yellow fever. While there you will be able to visit the tortoise sanctuary where a colony of giant tortoises have lived since the 1800s when Sultan Said imported them from the Seychelles. Afterwards you can snorkel around the coral reef that surrounds the island as you look for the beautiful aquatic wildlife of the Indian Ocean. Your boat captain will direct you to the best snorkeling locations and will take you back to Stone Town when you are ready to return.

Stone Town Tour

Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its unique history and architecture. Explore this fascinating city with your private guide who will show you the best sights of the city while also taking you to more remote areas of the city. Your guide will tell you about the fascinating and tragic history of the city, show you the unique architecture that was built over the last 600 years, and share insight as to how the modern Zanzibaris live. A cooking tour/local lunch can be added to this experience if you desire.

Spice Tour

Centuries ago Zanzibar was the trading hub between India, mainland East Africa, Malaysia, and Portugal. The popularity of the spice trade and the climate of the island made it an ideal location to start spice plantations. By the 16th and 17th centuries the land was used to grow cloves, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, chilies, nutmeg, black pepper and vanilla. On this tour you will be able to visit one of these spice plantations to learn how different spices are used in food, perfume, and for medicinal purposes. Top this experience off with a cooking class where you will help prepare authentic local recipes using home grown spices and then enjoy a fantastic lunch with your host.

Private Dhow Safari

Enjoy a private cruise on a dhow sailboat for either a half day or full day. You will cruise along the beautiful coastline of Zanzibar through the Indian Ocean’s sparkling waters. Depending on your time, location, and interests we can include a visit to the Menai Bay Conservation Area, Kwale Island, and/or Mnemba Island. Your trip can be customized for you to include snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, relaxing, drinks and a seafood lunch if you desire.

Emerson Zanzibar Tea Ceremony

Visit Emerson for high tea. The Emerson Zanzibar Tea Ceremony briefly introduces guests to the Zanzibar food culture. Here you will learn about the tea and coffee culture in Zanzibar as well as taste traditional appetizers and sweets.

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani is the only National Park in Zanzibar. The land was designated a park to help protect the last remaining indigenous forest in Zanzibar. This park is known for the red colobus monkey which is endemic to Zanzibar. Here you will be able to see the monkeys and walk through a mangrove forest. The mangrove forest is extremely crucial to Zanzibar’s ecosystems, providing a habitat for many lizards, snakes and birdlife as well as preventing the coastal erosion.