Lodges and Camps


A sigh that you will make as you are welcomed back to your home-away-from-home while on safari. You will return from your day of spectacular wildlife viewing to one of our unique lodging opportunities that we have custom chosen based on your interests and budget. Whether you prefer a romantic luxury tented camp where you can stargaze from your private star bed or a lodge with all the modern amenities of the nicest hotels in the world, we can find it for you.

Our team works to make sure that we understand your interests and needs for your accommodations while on safari. We personally vet each property to ensure we only offer you options that are of the highest standard within your budget. On this page you will see a list of the different types of accommodation options offered in and around the National Parks. Once we know what types of accommodations you would prefer we can offer you a variety of choices so that you can customize your stay. Of course, the type of camps or lodges you stay at may vary based on time of year and your budget, but you can be confident that each place you stay will be memorable and relaxing.

Permanent Tented Camps

If you are like many of us when we say tented camping our mind goes to rustic basic camping where you are sleeping on the floors. However, tented camps in the National Parks are nothing like this and they can be summarized as glamping taken to a whole new level. Blending in perfectly with the nature around them, tented camps provide a perfect place to stay after a day out on safari. These camps will have canvas walls but inside expect to find luxury amenities, beautiful showers, bathtubs, and beds. Permanent tented camps are a great way to enjoy a leisurely day on safari by cooling off in a pool or relaxing with a massage. In the evening sip on a glass of wine while you watch elephants, giraffes, and other animals visit the nearby watering hole or enjoy the sunset over the African savanna. These camps are an amazing way to enjoy the African scenery and wildlife directly from your tent while providing an African vibe.

Seasonal Tented Camps

The migratory camps provide you with the luxuries of the permanent tented camps but allow for the site to be mobile. These camps are moved seasonally based on the animal migration patterns and are designed in a beautiful manner. Each tent is fully complemented with comfortable beds, indoor and outdoor seating, and bathrooms with running hot water. Families can request connecting tents with a private lounge space in between the tents so you can relax as a family if you choose, or have the privacy of your own tent. These camps will offer a dining tent, a lounge area with a bar, and a fire pit where you will be able to relax and compare stories with other travelers. Seasonal/mobile camps like this leave no trace to the surroundings when they move, allowing for an environmentally conscience safari experience.


Each safari lodge is unique and offers luxurious accommodations. These lodges offer hotel type of accommodations or villas and are perfect for those who are traveling with larger groups or who want all the amenities that world class hotels offer. You can watch the sunset from the pool while sipping a cocktail, or enjoy a delicious dinner set privately for your group out in the savanna where you take in the beauty of the African landscape.

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