Climbing to the Rooftop of Africa

Have you ever wanted to summit the highest mountain on the African continent? If so, then we are here to help you! Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and fourth tallest in the world; it is also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world at 15,100 feet (5,895 meters) from sea level. Kilimanjaro has a complex ecological system that supports bushland, rainforest, heather/moorland, and alpine deserts. While climbing through these different environments your experienced English-speaking guide will teach you about different flora and fauna you will encounter. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a unique experience that will create everlasting memories for you and your party!

Six different routes are commonly used to hike Kilimanjaro. We can take you on any of these routes and will help you decide which is best based on your time, fitness levels, time of year, and interests. Our guides are experienced and highly trained on this mountain and all of its routes. Safety will be the top priority for your customized trip.

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If you would like to hike Kilimanjaro but don’t have access to all the required gear we can provide everything that you will need to conquer this mountain. We can provide tents, sleeping bags, mats, and even clothes to make sure you are comfortable at all times day or night.

  • The Machame Route — The Machame route is the most popular route due to its slower ascent which gives you plenty of time to acclimatize. It also provides some of the most spectacular views along your climb of Kilimanjaro. This route is typically completed in 6-7 days.
  • The Marange Route — The Marange route is one of the less traveled routes so you won’t have as many people with you on the hike. The advantage of this route is that you will have private or semi-private huts with beds, electricity, warm water, and bathrooms. This route is best for you if you want to have better accommodations along the way. It is a great hike as well for spotting multiple waterfalls and a small crater on the way to the top. This route is completed in 5-6 days.
  • The Lemosho Route — The Lemosho route is very similar to the Machame route, but it typically takes one extra climbing day. This route can be completed in 7-10 days depending on your desire.
  • The Rongai Route — The Rongai route is the best route offered during the rainy season, as it offers good shelter while climbing. Although Rongai can be used anytime in the year it is a great choice during peak season because it is often less well travelled than the more popular Machame route. Plan on 6-8 days to complete this route.
  • The Londrosi Route — The Londrosi route is wonderful for those who want to leisurely enjoy their time on the mountain. If you know that you have trouble with altitude acclimatization or if you just want to soak up your time on this iconic mountain then this route is the best for you. It is on the western side of the mountain so you will be hiking through drier terrain with amazing views of the mountains. Plan to spend 7-10 days on this route.
  • The Umbwe Route — The Umbwe route is the most difficult route and is a good option for experienced climbers or for those who have already conquered this mountain on an easier route. The shortest and the steepest route, Umbwe is for those who have trained and have more experience climbing. This route will be completed typically in 6-7 days.