Bringing the entire family to see Tanzania’s rich wildlife will surely be a memorable event for all family members. Our guides will develop a safari that will suit all of your family’s needs. They will develop a program that will educate and entertain adults and children alike about Tanzania’s wildlife and its environments. What could be better than using nature as an outdoor classroom! Children will love learning how to spot leopards sleeping in trees, how to identify animal tracks or dung, or how animals camouflage themselves in their environment. We will also focus on teaching the importance of ecological conservation so that these fragile ecosystems will be around for generations to come. Expand your family’s horizons even more by adding one of our cultural safaris to your animal safari. Showing your children how the local people of Tanzania live, work, and eat will surely spark meaningful conversations about different people, societies, and traditions. We can customize a safari for you to include beading and spear throwing with the Maasai, hunting with the last African hunter-gatherer tribe, the Hadzabe, and learning about the pastoralist tribe, the Datoga. Any of these experiences educate and give your entire family a greater perspective of the broader world we live in.