Cultural Safaris

Tanzanian culture is rich and boasts a long history spanning over millions of years. Over 100 distinct ethnic groups and tribes exist in current day Tanzania. Join our guides as we visit different tribes and homesteads to learn how they live. Visit with the Maasai to learn about their nomadic lifestyle, hunting techniques, dancing and beading. You may also choose to visit with the Hadzabe tribe to participate in an early morning bush hunt. Or you can experience the pastoral Datoga tribe to learn about their ways of farming, blacksmithing, and trading with other tribes.
For those interested in paleoanthropology and the origins of humanity, we can also visit the famous Olduvai Gorge and the museum started by Louis and Mary Leakey. This museum documents some of the oldest human bones ever found which date back 2 million years. Due to these findings, the Rift Valley has been nicknamed the Cradle of Humankind.