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Embark on a custom, tailor made safari tour based on your interests. Discover the beauty of Tanzania and its wildlife.

Our World-Class Tour Guides Set Us Apart From the Average Tour Operator

Our team provides you with an immersive, authentic and amazing safari experience that you will never forget. Globetrotters Safari offers African safari experiences to the most unique and important wilderness areas of East Africa. In these areas you will be able to spot The Big 5, the big cats, herds of elephants, or even see the rare and endangered chimpanzees, gorillas or golden monkeys. Enjoy a wide range of high-quality safari options for excursions to Zanzibar, hikes and trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro, bird watching, cultural safaris or one of many other iconic safari experiences that we offer.


Globetrotters Safari will design and customize the perfect itinerary for your African safari tour with amazing adventures and memorable experiences. We will plan your trip customized for your desires whether a romantic getaway, a family trip, a classic safari tour to the Serengeti, a trek up the mighty Kilimanjaro, or a quiet getaway to Zanzibar. Globetrotters Safari can plan your trip to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda.

Why Choose Us

We recognize there are many important factors that will take your safari experience to a whole new level. Globetrotters focuses on these factors to make sure that each experience is beyond comparison to other tours.

Private and Tailor-Made Safari

Globetrotters Safari provides private safaris whether you are a single traveler, a couple, a family, or a larger group. This private, tailor-made safari guarantees that you will have flexibility, freedom and privacy to see and do the things that you want. We customize your trip based on your interests, time schedule, and budget so that a memorable safari adventure is planned for you.

Excellent Safari Guides

Globetrotters Safari hires only highly qualified, English speaking safari guides. We recognize that the quality of the safari guide is ultimately one of the most important factors for a successful safari experience. Globetrotters Safari has a strong team of wildlife-savvy, diligent, and outstanding safari guides. Their expertise, passion and dedication allow our guests to go down secluded roads to experience an exhilarating game drive in an exclusive setting.

Quality Planning & Communication

From the initial planning stages throughout the entire safari experience, our team strives to create the most ideal and appropriate itinerary for each group and their unique interests.  Our goal is to ensure you have a memorable trip without any cares or worries.  We pride ourselves on continually researching and expanding our knowledge about hotels, lodges, activities and experiences that each area has to offer so you always get top quality service.  Globetrotters Safari makes your comfort and safety our priority as we cater to all your needs from arrival to departure, from transportation to hotel check-in, you can focus on the beauty of the environment, culture, or animals that surround you. Whatever adventure you choose, we guarantee that you will have an amazing experience and unparalleled journey with us.

What People Say

“We can’t wait to go back again. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly and the trip went smoothly. We found all the Big 5 and so much more!”

-Lauren T.



The African continent has some of the most diverse animals in the world. Multiple African countries offer safari opportunities, but Tanzania is the gem of them. Over 1/3 of the land in Tanzania is protected which leads to some of the best wildlife sightings in the world. The most bio-diverse country in Africa with the continent’s largest mammal population, Tanzania also ranks second in all of Africa for its variety of over 1,100 bird species.

The Great Migration is arguably the largest wildlife sighting on the planet and is primarily seen in Tanzania and a small portion of Kenya. Over 1.5 million wildebeests accompanied by herds of zebra and antelopes roam the Serengeti ecosystem following the rains that sweep across the Serengeti plains. Of equivalent fame is viewing wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater which is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The crater’s 260 square kilometers contain one of the most concentrated and diverse areas of African wildlife. If you are interested in elephants, large herds (some numbering as high as 600 elephants) can be found in Tarangire National Park which is also home to over 500 bird species. For primate enthusiasts, visiting the endangered chimpanzees and colobus monkeys in the rainforest of Gombe or Mahale Mountains National Parks on the edge of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania is an amazing experience. Join Globetrotters Safari on a visit to Uganda and Rwanda as we hike into the jungles in search of the critically endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys that live in this part of Africa. Visit the more remote area of Selous which is home to over 3,000 lions for a wonderful adventure for those who want seclusion and to experience the taste of old Africa. Globetrotters Safari guides will make sure that you have wonderful and amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.


Here are our most popular & highly anticipated destinations.

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is home to the Great Migration.

The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is popular for its great wildlife.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire Park is popular for its high elephant populations.